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2014 Guide to a Personal Website

30 September 2014

I've had a personal website at since 2002. In that time, a lot has changed on its front end and back end. Having a personal website is a great way to experiment with new web technologies and stake your claim on the Internet. This article will describe my 2014 recommendations for creating a low cost, high performance website for personal use.

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Convert FreeBSD 10 Jails from rc.conf to jail.conf

11 August 2014

FreeBSD jails used to be defined in /etc/rc.conf using rc-style syntax. During FreeBSD 9.x, a new convention was introduced, using /etc/jail.conf. FreeBSD 10.x defaults to the new style but still supports the rc.conf style. FreeBSD 11 will probably drop support for the old style.

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Fixing eth0 when Cloning CentOS

19 November 2013

CentOS ties your ethernet interfaces to their MAC addresses. This is problematic when using CentOS in a virtualized environment, because it ends up preserving old ethernet interfaces. Fortunately, there is a quick fix.

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Dual Syncing ClearCase and Git

22 October 2013

How can you actually transition a large development organization? Creating a dual sync between ClearCase and Git will allow individuals and teams to cut over on their own schedule, providing a smooth transition period.

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Harmonically Migrating from ClearCase to Git

19 July 2013

How to migrate from ClearCase to Git in a large development organization, while preserving history, including labels, branches, authors, timestamps, and ticketing integration. In short, making the Git history look native.

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